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Shin Godzilla to stomp all over America in October

Americans have had to spend the last few months looking on in envy as Japanese theaters were decimated by the atomic breath and laser spikes of Shin Godzilla’s impossibly huge monster, but now /Film is reporting that the film finally has an official U.S. release date—though like all giant monster attacks, this one has a downside. According to the report, Godzilla: Resurgence (as it’s known outside of Japan) will open for a limited run in around 440 theaters on October 11, and then…that’s it. The limited run will only go for a week, ending on October 18. Tickets will be sold starting on September 9 at the Funimation Films website, which will also probably have information on where those 440 theaters are. (Godzilla loves major cities, so they’ll probably be a safe bet.)

Shin Godzilla was co-directed by Neon Genesis Evangelion’s Hideaki Anno and Attack On Titan’s Shinji Higuchi, and it’s already the highest-grossing live action film of the year in Japan. Also, though a bad English dub would be a little more traditional, the American release will be presented in Japanese with English subtitles.


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