For those who found themselves longing to see more of recent Sigur Rós video star Shia LaBeouf declaring his maturation into more adult roles by again getting naked and La-boning, The Hollywood Reporter notes that he is now in negotiations to join Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac, a film that promises to have plenty of that. As previously reported, several times, with occasional cameos from Stellan Skarsgard's floppy penis, Nymphomaniac chronicles the erotic life of a woman from the hot, steamed-up embryo action of "age zero" through the increasingly less titillating age of 50, and will star frequent Von Trier muse/victim Charlotte Gainsbourg, along with a recently added small role for Von Trier survivor Nicole Kidman. And as we've also mentioned before, the two-part film will be shot in both "softcore" and "hardcore" versions with all the graphic nudity that implies. The report says it's not yet clear how big LaBeouf's part will be, though anyone who's watched the aforementioned video already knows. (Ho ho! We mean his penis!)