Just like Brando did

Shia LaBeouf has proven surprisingly prepared to bite the hand that leads him, sniping at Steven Spielberg not long after Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull was first released. The then-26-year-old actor apologized after getting raked over the coals by his grandfather—we mean, Harrison Ford. But earlier this year, LaBeouf resumed his trash-talking of the legendary director, telling Variety that Spielberg isn’t so much a filmmaker as a “fucking company” (take that, DreamWorks). You see, LaBeouf likes his Steven Spielberg movies like he likes his Michael Bay ones—namely, as a Michael Bay movie. That means that the only movie he enjoyed making with Spielberg was Transformers, which we’ll admit was more fun and slightly more intelligible than Crystal Skull.

But now that he’s settling into married life, the world (and Steven Spielberg) is getting a kinder, more tatted-up LaBeouf. In a new interview on SiriusXM’s Sway In The Morning show, the American Honey actor cops to having been a total Shia about the whole Spielberg thing.


“I fuck up sometimes, you know,” LaBeouf admits, adding “I probably could’ve gone lighter on Spielberg, that was probably something I should’ve backed off of.” Those were LaBeouf’s feelings at the time, though, and his “feelings are real.” Having said that, the actor admits that “the dude [Spielberg] gave me a lot of opportunities, though, and that’s on me.” If LaBeouf’s ever looking to get back into tentpole movie-making, that was a good first step.


[via Entertainment Weekly]