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Shia LaBeouf lost his damn mind at a bowling alley

(Photo: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images)

Taking a break from his recent, more high-faluting art projects, Shia LaBeouf has returned to that old classic, “The Public Dissolution Of Shia LaBeouf.” The actor performed his latest version of the piece at a California bowling alley on Wednesday night, apparently getting into a fight with a “racist” bartender who refused to serve him French fries.


The end of the altercation has been posted by TMZ, and features LaBeouf loudly and repeatedly claiming the bartender either threatened to hit him, or actually did hit him, with “a Grey Goose bottle” over an order of fries. (He also repeatedly calls him a “fucking racist bitch,” although it’s not clear why.) LaBeouf was apparently at the bowling alley for three hours before the fight broke out, possibly taking a break from a world where people constantly steal his flags and refuse to see his movies and, now, won’t even give him a damn order of fries. In the video, he storms out, although, according to TMZ, he was eventually forced to return after realizing he was still wearing his bowling shoes.

[via The Wrap]

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