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Shia LaBeouf issued an apology on Twitter today, declaring that he was sorry for comments he made during a recent arrest in Savannah, Georgia. Video of LaBeouf in custody, insulting and shouting at the arresting officers, surfaced on TMZ today.


During his rants, LaBeouf appears to bring up race a number of times, alleging that one officer’s wife watched porn featuring “black dick,” and telling one cop that he was “especially” going to hell, specifically because he was a black man. LaBeouf’s apology thanks the officers for their restraint while dealing with him.


In the note, LaBeouf characterized his actions as a consequence of addiction and problems with authority. (He also called the incident a ”new low,” and expressed his hope in securing his sobriety in its aftermath.) He was reportedly arrested after initially asking a police officer for a cigarette, before cops say he quickly became abusive and disorderly.

[via Variety]


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