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Shia LaBeouf also has creative differences with Broadway now

Shia LaBeouf’s Broadway deBeout has been indefinitely delayed, as the actor has dropped out of the upcoming Orphans mere weeks before previews were set to begin. LaBeouf was set to star in the revival of Lyle Kessler’s 1983 play as the eldest of two orphaned brothers who kidnap a mobster played by Alec Baldwin—a role that, presumably, the studiously Method acting LaBeouf prepared for by killing his parents. That preparation was all for naught, unfortunately, as LaBeouf has now left the production due to “creative differences,” an intentionally vague excuse that one can interpret in myriad ways until LaBeouf finally gives a cantankerous interview about how no one respected his suggestions, such as how his character should convey vulnerability by being nude at all times. It’s also fun to imagine that Alec Baldwin showed up to rehearsal in an Optimus Prime mask and Shia LaBeouf flipped out.


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