Those actors you like on Twin Peaks are going to come back in style. Well, some of them, at least. As reported by fansite Welcome To Twin Peaks (via Slash Film), Sheryl Lee and Dana Ashbrook have confirmed that David Lynch has told them that they’re coming back for Showtime’s Twin Peaks sequel in 2016. The pair made the announcement at a British Twin Peaks convention, and Lee says she got the official word from Lynch just before leaving for England. Ashbrook also says that a bunch of the cast members were texting each other after they saw Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost’s mysterious tweets last year, and Sherilyn Fenn responded that she had “talked to David,” and he had told her that they’re “going back to Twin Peaks.” So while that’s not as official as what Ashbrook and Lee heard, it sounds like a safe bet that Sherilyn Fenn will be coming back as well.

On the original series, Ashbrook played teenager Bobby Briggs (the guy sleeping with Shelly, the wife of Leo Johnson, in case anyone could forget that thrilling storyline), Sherilyn Fenn played the great Audrey Horne, and Sheryl Lee played famous murder victim Laura Palmer and her mostly identical cousin Maddy (who also became a famous murder victim). Now, sticklers for continuity might point out that, by the end of Twin Peaks’ original run, most of those characters were either dead or probably dead, so they shouldn’t be able to come back for the new episodes. However, this is Twin Peaks, and, honestly, it would require practically no work at all to bring any character who ever appeared on the show back—especially since we don’t know anything about the plot for the revival. No matter how they come back, Audrey Horne, Laura Palmer/Maddy Ferguson, and Bobby Briggs—not to mention Dale Cooper and maybe Sheriff Truman—are back, and that’s all that matters.