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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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No longer a mere mischievous twinkle in the eye of Benedict Cumberbatch—freeing that incorrigible rapscallion to mischievously twinkle about other things, such as his lunch order—PBS has at last confirmed a January 19 debut for the third season of Sherlock, ending two years of waiting with an exclusive announcement to Entertainment Weekly. That means Sherlock will now run alongside that other classy British import your most toffee-nosed friends have long been telling you about, Downton Abbey, which begins its fourth season in the U.S. two weeks earlier, on Jan. 5. Unlike Downton—which has already been airing overseas, and is thus easily accessible to all with an Internet connection and a common laborer’s sense of morality—Sherlock doesn’t yet have a UK premiere date, though the BBC’s first-airing rights means it will definitely debut there sometime before Jan. 19. As for when exactly that is, well, you’ll just have to wait, or study the corners of Cumberbatch’s smile as he laughs wryly and orders his bacon butty.


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