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Sheeeeeee-it is happening on Kickstarter

Continuing the trend of toys designed to be played with by 34-year-old men instead of children, a new Kickstarter campaign has set out to bring the Isiah Whitlock Jr. talking bobblehead to life. (Whitlock, of course, is perhaps best known as State Senator Clayton ‘Clay’ Davis from the popular Barney Miller reimagining The Wire.)

The Kickstarter comes from the man himself, who says he wants to “help people out when they need to hear [him] say ‘sheeeeeee-it.’” Whitlock is looking for backers to help him bring the bobblehead into the world; at the low end of the spectrum, backers of $25 or more will receive one First Edition Isiah Whitlock, Jr. Talking Bobblehead, plus a signed postcard from Whitlock as a thank you for making this a reality. For the 1-percenters, a pledge of $10,000 will get you and three guests invitations to join Whitlock, a passionate winemaker, as he either crushes or presses his 2015 vintage. You will then be invited to attend a private dinner party hosted by Whitlock. (Don’t worry, you also get a bobblehead.)


At press time, the Kickstarter had 938 backers and has collected $44,069, far beyond its initial $12,500 goal.

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