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Shaun The Sheep goes the E.T. route in new Farmageddon trailer

The last movie from Aardman Studios, 2018’s Early Man, was among the worst performing releases in the studio’s history. So Aardman is hoping to bounce back by going back to a tried-and-true player: Shaun The Sheep. In Shaun’s new movie, Farmageddon, he goes the E.T. route, making friends with an adorable alien with special powers who crash-lands on Mossy Bottom Farm. Shaun and his fellow sheep then apparently spend the movie trying to get said alien back to their homeland/planet, while fighting a sinister fleet of scientists. Yep, sounds familiar.


Farmageddon may not have Spielberg’s direction, but it does have that wonderful  Aardman animation, awe-inspiring whether the film’s delightful characters are exploring candy in the grocery store or taking off in a space ship. Could Farmageddon help Shaun kick off a Wallace-and-Gromit-like franchise and get Aardman back on track? We’ll find out when the family-friendly film hits theaters this December.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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