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Netflix released the third season of its popular political thriller House Of Cards last week. (If you’ve noticed your binge-watching friends suddenly talking a lot about ribs and trying to push you in front of trains, now you know why.) While its universe has expanded to include other members of Washington D.C.’s power-obsessed political elite, the show remains firmly focused on Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood, a ruthless political operator capable of grand Machiavellian feats, despite his worrying tendency to periodically look off into the distance and spout platitudes from The Little Book Of Evil Wisdom.


But that’s House Of Cards, a show whose Shakespearean aspirations are never more apparent than when Spacey locks eyes with the camera and delivers a venom-laced aside. For those of you who can’t get enough of the fourth wall being smashed to pieces by a sledgehammer with a fake Southern accent, Digg has put together a compilation of Underwood’s bon mots in all their growling, audience-including glory. They also resisted the urge to cut in reaction shots of people looking blankly at Frank after every grim proclamation, which proves that Digg editors are possessed of a moral integrity beyond any we’ve ever seen. In any case, enjoy, but be warned: When you gaze long into the Kevin Spacey abyss, it also gaze back into you.

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