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Sharon Stone is coming to television, as TNT has cast her as the Vice President in a new action series tentatively titled Agent X. Stone's character becomes a U.S. Senator when her husband dies while running for the office and she steps in to run in his place—because this is TV, and a woman can't possibly run for office on her own merits. Once in the Senate, Stone becomes a political star, and is soon tapped to run for VP.

Once elected, she assumes the Vice Presidency will be all photo ops, and seductively crossing and uncrossing her legs in cabinet meetings like Joe Biden does. But she soon learns the outwardly ceremonial VP has a secret duty to protect the Constitution in times of crisis, with the help of a secret "Agent X." It's not clear whether this secret agent will be protecting constitutional values such as separation of church and state (but in the context of an action-oriented TV show), or whether he or she will spend every episode protecting the actual, physical Constitution from being stolen by Nicolas Cage.

Also unknown is who will be playing the title role of Agent X, or whether that title will even stick. However things shake out, landing Stone for a basic cable drama has to be viewed as a coup for TNT.


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