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Sharon Osbourne tells Trump to stop using "Crazy Train" for his asinine political wrestling promos

Photo: Mike Marsland (Getty Images)

Nothing says “Holy hell, this is all still happening” like hopping on Twitter one morning, only to find that the President Of The United States has, employing an official governmental channel of communication, once again resorted to cutting what are essentially wrestling promos taunting his would-be political opponents. And say what you like about Donald Trump’s asinine memework; his handlers do seem to know that you can’t really get that good heel heat without an accompanying guitar lick of sufficient strength.

Which leads us to the surreal moment in which Sharon Osbourne—TV host, producer, and wife of Ozzy Osbourne—issued a formal statement today asking Trump not to use Osbourne’s classic song “Crazy Train” for any more of his political messaging, including videos like this one, which seems to have been written under the assumption that we do not all already think “Crazy” whenever Donald Trump walks onto a stage.

Based on this morning’s unauthorized use of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train,” we are sending notice to the Trump campaign (or any other campaigns) that they are forbidden from using any of Ozzy Osbourne’s music in political ads or in any political campaigns. Ozzy’s music cannot be used for any means without approvals. In the meantime, I have a suggestion for Mr. Trump—perhaps he should reach out to some of his musician friends. Maybe Kayne West (“Gold Digger”), Kid Rock (“I Am the Bullgod”) or Ted Nugent (“Stranglehold”) will allow use of their music.


Osbourne (writing on her husband’s behalf) went on to suggest that Trump use music from people who actually like him, like Kanye West, Ted Nugent, or Kid Rock, instead—giving an unexpected shout-out to “I Am The Bullgod” in the process. Of course, that also ignores the fact that “Crazy Train”—which is all about corrupt, warmongering political figures driving regular people to insanity—is actually a perfect anthem for the entire Trump machine.

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