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Sharon Osbourne on The Marilyn Davis Show. Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Sharon Osbourne is taking a one-month hiatus from her CBS chat show The Talk, after apparently collapsing in her home last week. Osbourne’s representative cited “mental and physical fatigue” as the reasons for the 62-year-old reality star and talk show host’s condition.

Osbourne previously missed episodes of The Talk back in March, after suffering from a bout of pneumonia in the aftermath of a surgery. At the time, her daughter Kelly Osbourne sat in for her on the show, although there’s no word yet on whether that arrangement will be repeated now, as one never knows when Ms. Osbourne’s badge with the Fashion Police might be reinstated once again.


The Osbourne clan was last in the news back in April, when plans for a revival of the reality TV show that made the family’s non-Black-Sabbath-founding members famous fell through. Besides the aforementioned pneumonia, Sharon Osbourne is also a survivor of colon cancer, Piers Morgan, and being married to Ozzy Osbourne.

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