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Sharlto Copley plays God in one of Neill Blomkamp’s new short films

(Screenshot: YouTube)

About a month ago, Neill Blomkamp released the first entry in his new Oats Studios short film initiative, and while it had a lot of gross crocodile monsters and an appearance from Sigourney Weaver, it had a distinct lack of District 9 and Chappie star Sharlto Copley. That’s not the case for Serengeti, one of Blomkamp’s new shorts, which actually features Copley as God.

Much shorter (and a bit less graphic) than Weaver’s Rakka or the Vietnam-set Firebase, Serengeti focuses on God as a slightly disinterested overlord who treats his subjects like annoying Sims characters and leaves most of the actual work to his assistant. You can see the full short below:

Blomkamp’s Oats videos are free on YouTube, but you can pay for extra content on Steam.


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