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Hoping to whip up a storm of excitement that’s every bit as naturally occurring as a tornado filled with sharks, Syfy is bringing Sharknado to actual theaters on Aug. 2, aiming to make it the sort of midnight-movie sensation that can only be created through deliberate marketing. “You know how audiences have had fun with Rocky Horror Picture Show over the years,” Regal Entertainment Group’s Chris Sylvia said in a statement, comparing the Rocky Horror fan interaction that developed organically over the years to that one day everyone tweeted Sharknado jokes. “If the Internet reactions to this film are any indication, then our moviegoers are primed and ready to enjoy Sharknado larger than life in cinemas.” Indeed, Sylvia says his theater chain is “proud to be giving our guests this chance to fuel the social media whirlwind by inviting friends to come to the show and tweeting reactions,” as so rarely does the opportunity arise to have the shared experience of everyone staring at their phones in a movie theater, trying to come up with a Sharknado joke that hasn’t already been made. Like the forthcoming sequel, this announcement is expected to extend America’s enjoyment of Sharknado for seconds to come.


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