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Sharknado 4 gets a punny, Star Wars-inspired title

Illustration for article titled iSharknado 4 /igets a punny, iStar Wars/i-inspired title

Listen, there are a lot of lies—sorry, “pranks”—going around today, but we have no reason not to believe that Deadline’s report on the title for the fourth Sharknado movie is true. Coming from basically anyone else, we would have discarded the story immediately, but this is SyFy we’re talking about. The only thing that really gives us pause is that it’s marginally more clever than Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, and these things don’t tend to get smarter as they go along.

But no more dancing around it. The movie will apparently be called Sharknado: The 4th Awakens!, and we here at The A.V. Club anticipate sending some emails regarding that annoying exclamation point in the near future. As we’ve previously reported, Ian Ziering will return in his starring role as Fin Shepard, along with David Hasselhoff, Ryan Newman, and guest stars/celebrity chum Gary Busey, Tommy Davidson, and Cheryl Tiegs. The story will take place five years after the last time a bunch of sharks got whipped up into tornadoes, in a world where sharks keep getting whipped up into tornadoes “in places and in ways least expected,” although by the fourth time one would think they’d be a little better prepared.

Sharknado: The 4th Awakens! premieres on Sunday, July 31 at 8PM on SyFy, followed presumably by Sharknado 5: Go Fuck Yourself in 2017 and Sharknado 6: All Hail Emperor Trump sometime after the fall of Manhattan.

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