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Sharknado 3 to rain sharks on Washington, D.C.

Sidestepping the usual jokes about sharks in business suits that accompany news like this, it’s a pleasure to announce that Sharknado 3 will devastate our nation’s capital with a monsoon of man-eating megamouths (and some other types of sharks as well). As the Sharknado series tends to do, producers chose the location as a result of an online campaign, which ended with a call for Sharknado 3 to express America’s frustration with politics as usual in carnivorous, shark-based form.

Sharknado was a massive ratings hit for parent company Syfy, so it was inevitable—if risky—that it would greenlight a third toothed tornado of terror before the second one had even aired. Lucky for Syfy, the bet paid off and Sharknado 2 was its most-watched original film ever, a phenomenon it is hoping pays off a third time. However, if Jaws 3-D taught the world anything, it’s that diminishing shark returns are inevitable when you stray too far from your shark roots, so hopefully Tara Reid keeps the political commentary to a minimum.


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