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There’s nothing like an uplifting theme song of a beloved ‘80s sitcom to make your day. Cheers has one, and its accompanying visuals soothe the soul with a slew of old-timey pictures. Oh, you know who also loves worming his way into old-timey photos? Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Internet comedy guru Jesse McLaren, a late night television writer, decided to spice up the show’s iconic opening by slipping the malevolent clown into just about every frame. Nobody tell Mike Hanlon.


Since the shapeshifting creature is more or less timeless, having hibernated for decades at a time to then feed off the fear of children, appearing in retro photos is in canon for the terrifying clown-thing—fans of either movies will recall the photo albums ruined by its presence. But, hey, at least they never had to see the baby, Chucky-like version of Pennywise, which pops up about 15 seconds in and is certainly the last thing you’d like to meet in a dark sewer. Or, hell, even at the circus. Anyways, we’ll be over here thinking of Sam and Norm getting devoured like a bowl of unshelled peanuts.

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