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Shaquille O'Neal wants to direct movies now

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Since retiring from the NBA and declaring that it was “movie time,” Shaquille O’Neal has focused most of his energy on bringing down one man: Dwayne Johnson, whom Shaq has spent the last couple of months taunting on Twitter in the fiercest Shaq-related rivalry since Kobe Bryant, or maybe that time he called out Tony Danza in “What’s Up Doc? (Can We Rock).” Having already one-upped Johnson by securing a broad TNT development deal and also doing this, whatever this is, Shaq has now moved on to a field The Rock has yet to conquer—namely, directing his own films, applying the same eh, whatever dilettantism that characterized his previous forays into acting, rapping, and being a magical genie.


As reported by TMZ, Shaq is currently taking classes through the New York Film Academy, backed up by his recent post of the below video in which he oversees a fight sequence on the Universal backlot—a sequence he all but ignores as he turns the camera on himself to once more taunt “The Rock” with his growing arsenal of skills. We would say the spirit of competition is often the fire that fuels the best of art, but then, this is a story about Shaquille O’Neal learning to direct movies in order to spite Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. [via Movieline]

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