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It looks like one of the original Heathers from the movie Heathers will be returning for the Heathers TV show, as Shannen Doherty recently posted a photo on her Instagram from the set of the TV Land reboot. That comes via The Hollywood Reporter, which adds that TV Land has confirmed that she will make an appearance, but all it would say about her character is that she’s “pivotal” and “unnamed.” (At least for now.)


The Heathers TV show will be an anthology of some sort, with Under The Dome’s Grace Victoria Cox starring as Veronica Sawyer (the role originally played by Winona Ryder). The evil Heathers this time will be played by Melanie Field, Jasmine Matthews, and Brendan Scannell (playing a gender-swapped version of the Heather who Doherty played in the movie), and TV Land is apparently planning to introduce new Heathers and a new setting every season.

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