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Shane Black tweeted out a picture of The Predator…probably

To be clear, this is almost certainly not The Predator
Screenshot: Predator

We’re less than six months out now from the release of Shane Black’s The Predator, the Lethal Weapon writer’s new effort to inject a little menace back into the fight against the infamous extraplanetary hunter. To commemorate the film’s rapidly approaching release, Black released a photo from the film’s set last night, showing…Uh…Well…



Okay, so, it’s certainly possible that this photo contains a picture of the Predator. (A sentence which, on reflection, could apply equally to every photograph, ever.) Certainly, there’s a blue-green shimmer down there near the bottom that might be a glitch in a cloaking device. (Or a moth. Or lens flare. Who knows?) It’s also possible Black is just trolling us, or that he simply wanted to show off one of his favorite instances of forest-based photography. At least we know the picture doesn’t contain any of the other members of the film’s cast, which includes Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn, Trevante Rhodes, Keegan-Michael Key, and Sterling K. Brown. (Unless they’re hiding, of course; Jesus, how deep does this thing go?!)

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