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Shane Black’s The Predator won’t be hunting in the suburbs after all

He's really more of a city guy

The Predator movies have been set in such varied locales as Los Angeles, the fictional Val Verde, and that unknown jungle in which Adrien Brody woke up in Predators. But Shane Black’s sequel promised a far more exotic setting—the suburbs. At least, that’s what reports indicated last week, when we first learned that Olivia Munn will steam up with film lead Boyd Holbrook to science the shit out of this whole Predator situation. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Predators and prey would all find themselves in the “harsh environment of… suburbia.”

Aversions to strip malls aside, the suburbs didn’t seem to offer nearly as terrifying a terrain as a huge metropolis let alone an overgrown jungle. However, Black has teased the “funny” side of his film, so it did sound entirely possible. But the writer-director has reached out to Collider to refute those rumors, telling the publication that the movie will not take place in the suburbs. So now that we know we won’t get to see Holbrook and Munn regroup at a Red Lobster, where can we expect to see the action go down? Black isn’t saying, for now.


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