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Netflix’s sweet song of creative freedom seems to have beckoned another ship to its streaming shores, as Collider is reporting that Shane Black is taking his long-in-development project Cold Warrior to the house of House Of Cards. Netflix apparently acquired the rights last year, but maybe we were still too busy reminding people that The Nice Guys was actually pretty good to pay attention to a separate Black project.


The script for Cold Warrior originally came from Chuck Mondry, and Black has been trying to make the movie for a decade. Now, with The Predator hitting theaters soon and Marvel Studios choosing not to throw piles of money at him even though Iron Man 3 is one of the most underrated entries in the MCU, Black may finally have the time and the clout to get this thing done—though Collider says it doesn’t know if this will be Black’s next film, but Netflix now has it either way.

As for the plot, Cold Warrior is about “a retired Cold War-era spy who teams with a younger agent to track down a terrorist.” That sounds like a good setup for some of that good Shane Black banter and that good Shane Black action, so we’re on board (unless Marvel wants to get those piles of money together for him).

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