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Illustration for article titled Shailene Woodleys casting in emThe Amazing Spider-Man/em means certain death for Emma Stone

Buried in this Hollywood Reporter story about recently freed Secret Life Of The American Teenager star Shailene Woodley closing a deal to star in Divergent—another young-adult novel adaptation that is being described as "the next Hunger Games," even though we still have a Hunger Games—there's also some subtle news on The Amazing Spider-Man, which is the original Hunger Games (or something). As previously reported, Woodley has landed the role of Mary Jane Watson in the Marc Webb-directed reboot, which THR describes as a ""very small part" in Amazing Spider-Man 2 that quickly becomes "an integral lead" in the eventual third movie, "as the studio seeks to build to the classic 'Death of Gwen Stacy' story" that Emma Stone recently hinted at. As fans of the comics will recall, this is the famous story line where a fight between Spider-Man and Green Goblin results in Gwen Stacy's demise, and then everyone asks why we're watching another Spider-Man/Green Goblin fight already, and why Emma Stone is dead and now we're stuck with this other girl. It's very famous.


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