(Photo: Yandy.com)

Viagra stocks are plummeting this afternoon as Yandy.com, the Punxsutawney Phil of the Halloween season, has introduced the most reliable method for giving middle-aged Republicans a boner short of Ronald Reagan on horseback: The “Sexy Donald Trump” costume.


For the positively job-creating price of only $69.95, you or your trophy wife can transform into Donna T. Rumpshaker, that ballsy, booty-short clad defender of American plutocracy who represents small government in the streets and big government in the sheets. (Wig and hat sold separately.) Yes, the slogan on her hat should be “Make America Great Again,” not “Making America Great.” And we’ll see if her platform of free lace panties with every purchase is real, or just another empty campaign promise. But Donna should be able to overcome these adversities, now that she’s secured that coveted “Al Roker dick joke” endorsement:

First one to dress up as a sexy Mexican stereotype and kick one of these out of their Halloween party wins.


[h/t The Hollywood Reporter]