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One of the most irritating things about Sex And The City—besides the fact that nearly every one of its characters spoke almost entirely in breezy puns, and dated a never-ending string of commitment-phobic losers whose strange sexual peccadilloes practically made them walking Kinsey reports—was that Carrie Bradshaw and Co., like all people who live in TV New York, seemed to have a never-ending well of disposable income. So Sex And The City producer Michael Patrick King plans to counter those gilded visions with the more realistic Two Broke Girls: Once more it will focus on single ladies trying to make it in Manhattan, but this time without the closets full of outfits with price tags to match the rent on their ludicrously roomy studio apartments. Whitney Cummings, most recently seen gunning for Sarah Silverman’s spot as the pretty girl with the most dick-joke cake on Comedy Central’s roasts, will star as one of the two twentysomethings. Bet she still dates losers and has an exciting job, though, considering everyone in New York is an actor, blogger, or fashion designer.


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