Decades after creating Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, and Sex And The City, producer Darren Star has found his latest project about self-absorbed people for whom every small setback is a melodramatic crisis in The Honest Toddler. Bunmi Laditan’s Twitter-feed-turned-popular-book chronicles the observations of a toddler who really tells it like it is, as opposed to abiding by the genial tact and diplomacy that governs most toddlers. And naturally, Deadline says the TV show is being described as “a Modern Family from a toddler’s point of view,” with each episode presumably telling a relatable, everyday story about parenting, then abruptly ending after a fire truck drives by, because look at the fire truck. Where did the fire truck go? WANT FIRE TRUCK. The project is not being described as "similar to Look Who’s Talking," because they'd like people to watch it.