Three years ago, we reported that Haley Joel Osment was taking on his first big-screen role as an adult in Sex Ed, a film that would find him teaching middle schoolers about sex, despite being a virgin himself. (Apparently, "I see dead people" isn't a great pick-up line) Unfortunately for Osment, the movie has had a strict abstinence-only policy since, as the actor waited and waited to finally consummate his relationship with the camera.

But now it appears he's finally a step closer to opening night, as the movie has added Lamorne Morris (New Girl), Retta (Parks and Recreation) and Matt Walsh (Veep) to its supporting cast. Back in 2010, Osment's character was going to meet "an unlikely mentor in a blues bar, a ruthless enemy in the local PTA, and a gorgeous Polish girl for whom English is a second language." We can only assume Morris will be the mentor, Retta will be the PTA enemy, and Walsh will be the gorgeous Polish girl. Hey, if it's been three years, any port in a storm will do.