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Seth Rogen tweeted the first picture from the set of AMC’s Preacher

After twenty years of toiling in development hell, filming of the TV adaptation of Garth Ennis’ long-running ’90s comic Preacher is finally underway. Apparently, the news was so exciting for actor, producer, and amateur photographer Seth Rogen that he was unable to contain himself, snapping a set photo of the production and tweeting it to his millions of followers. Now, Preacher-heads everywhere can ooh and aah at Rogen’s visual composition, running their excited eyeballs over this first, alluring glimpse from the set of the new show:


As eagle-eyed readers will note, AMC’s program is clearly planning on diverging from the source material in several important ways. While Ian Colletti’s character Arseface and his life-destroying love of heavy metal music are both visible, it looks like actor Dominic Cooper will be taking titular man of God Jesse Custer in an interesting new direction. While the comic version of Custer is a normal man, imbued with supernatural powers, the picture seems to suggest that Cooper will play him as a kind of sentient silhouette, cursed by his ridiculous hair to forever stand between viewers and powerful sources of light. The picture also hints at a new original character, the enigmatic Leaning Guy. Who is he? What tragic backstory keeps him from standing up straight? Will his posture eventually be fixed in a season-long redemption arc? We’ll have to wait until Preacher debuts on AMC, or at least until Rogen learns how to use the “Smart Picture” feature on his phone’s camera, to peel back the truth behind these tantalizing mysteries.

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