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Seth Rogen tells Ellen DeGeneres that he knew all about the Stormy Daniels/Trump affair

Photo: Rachel Murray (Getty Images for Netflix)

On a recent visit to the Ellen show, Seth Rogen talked about the fact that Stormy Daniels has appeared in a few of his movies—specifically Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin—because it’s sometimes easier to hire porn stars to play strippers than to get non-porn stars to play strippers. Apparently, while Rogen was working with Daniels one of these times, she brought up her now-famous claim that she had an affair with Donald Trump years ago just after Melania Trump had given birth to his son.

As Rogen explains in the clip, it wasn’t a very surprising story in the days before Donald Trump began to pursue his dictatorial fantasies, and it seemed like an irrelevant anecdote after the “grab them by the pussy” thing failed to impact Trump’s campaign at all. So, when the story came out and Stormy Daniels popped up in the news, Rogen’s reaction was apparently just, “Oh yeah, Stormy told us all about that.”


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