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Seth Rogen points out how American Sniper is kind of like Inglourious Basterds

American Sniper may have had a record-setting weekend at the box office, but there are always going to be hippies ready to trample all over Clint Eastwood’s immaculately mowed military-propaganda lawn. Besides the usual, a newly politically relevant Seth Rogen had something to say about the film, observing on Twitter that American Sniper reminded him of Inglourious Basterds:


That movie would be Nation’s Pride, the faux Nazi propaganda film-within-a-film directed by Eli Roth that plays during the film’s climactic theater scene. Rogen isn’t the first person to make this observation, either; The A.V. Club’s own Ben Kenigsberg pointed out the similarities in his ballot for the best films of 2014 last month.

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