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Seth Rogen is now the voice of Vancouver's transit system

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It’s always a little terrifying when something from Twitter makes its way into the real world, but the city of Vancouver has proven that not all social media interactions result in negativity—though 99 percent of them still do. After Vancouver’s TransLink transit network decided to pull an advertising campaign with Morgan Freeman when he was accused of sexual harassment, real-life Canadian Seth Rogen stepped in and offered to be Freeman’s replacement on Twitter. TransLink seemed intrigued by the idea and asked him to send a DM so they could “talk.”


Now, Rogen has actually become Freeman’s replacement in the campaign, recording announcements that will play across Vancouver’s public transportation system. Plus, as the Vancouver Sun points out (via Mashable), Rogen offered to do the announcements for free, even though Freeman’s campaign was going to be sponsored by Visa. TransLink has released a video that teases some of the stuff that Vancouverans can look forward to hearing once the new announcements begin appearing next month:

This is all fun, and it’s cool that Rogen gets to honor his Canadian heritage like this, but we have to wonder just how long it will take for the average commuter to get sick of hearing Rogen crack jokes and do his famous giggles when they’re trying to get to work. Unless they’re on to something here and Seth Rogen’s joviality really is the secret to having a positive transit experience.

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