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Seth Rogen is here to tease us with the ever-weirder future of Future Man season 2

Last year’s Future Man was a surprise highlight of Hulu’s smallish slate of original shows, a perverse but surprisingly warm ball of science fiction nonsense that managed to draw equal entertainment from mocking the shit out of James Cameron, and suggesting that a grizzled apocalyptic warrior’s true calling was as a coked-out ’80s master chef. For a minute there, it didn’t look like the show was getting a second season to resolve all the loose threads of its time-traveling, baby-stabbing silliness, but Hulu has just released a teaser for that much-hoped-for follow-up, with executive producer Seth Rogen on hand to welcome us all to a very strange future.


This is one of those “Hey, here’s a million weird images from our upcoming season” sorts of trailers, but we can tease out some stuff: There’s Tiger (Eliza Coupe) reconnecting with Hayley Joel Osment’s Stu, still alive somehow 100 years in the future. We get plenty of Derek Wilson’s Wolf beating the crap out of people, too, and Josh Hutcherson’s Josh getting the raw end of any number of deals. (Including, apparently, getting immersed in some kind of Minority Report-style goo tank.) We have no idea what any of it means—Why is Paul Scheer pointing a gun? What’s up with all the swing dancing?—but at least it’s good to see that some things are written in stone no matter what timeline you’re in.

Future Man returns to Hulu on January 11.