Seth Rogen's presumed current mood

Confirming Seth Rogen’s suspicion that, yes, this is a slow news week, Rogen has been forced to further clarify an offhanded comment he made over the weekend saying that American Sniper reminded him of something from a Tarantino movie. Specifically, he said he thought it was reminiscent of Nation’s Pride, the film-within-a-film that plays a critical role in the climactic theater scene of Inglourious Basterds.

Rogen has already released a statement—series of tweets, whatever— clarifying that he was just making an observation and that he doesn’t think that U.S. troops are like Nazis. But that was not enough for Kid Rock, who knows about the psychological toll war can take on a person from playing Woodstock ’99. Rock defended the honor of real-life American Sniper Chris Kyle by taking the moral high ground and saying, “Seth Rogen, your uncle probably molested you,” to which Rogen replied:


He also posted text explaining that he in no way intended to make a political statement with his remarks, he was simply observing that the two movies both had snipers in them, and he has nothing against veterans, so please let it go:

If anything, Rock’s offhanded attempt to insult Rogen by insinuating that he was the victim of sexual abuse—and that’s something to belittle him for, somehow?—was more offensive than anything Rogen said. His Twitter handle is @KidRock, in case anyone has any outrage left over from another exhausting week of being angry on the Internet.