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Seth Rogen and the Workaholics guys are going to blow some shit up

(via Comedy Central)

Seth Rogen and the Workaholics guys—Anders Holm, Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson, and co-creator and writer Kyle Newacheck—share a well-defined sensibility, one firmly rooted in getting high, creating chaos, and saying the first smartass thing that drifts into their heads. Now, the Preacher producer is teaming up with the Cubicle Crew for a movie, an action comedy film that’ll be landing at Netflix sometime soon.

Not much is known about the movie, outside the title Game Over, Man!, the sort of low-hanging Aliens reference you can imagine Anders, Adam, and Blake drunkenly slurring to each other in the aftermath of yet another self-inflicted catastrophe. Rogen is producing the film, alongside Scott Rudin, Evan Goldberg, and a host of others. Newacheck will direct from a script written by Holm, who’ll star alongside DeVine and Anderson. (If this is the same Rogen-assisted “big action comedy” DeVine was talking about a few years go, though, it’s definitely not a Workaholics movie—just a separate comedy starring the three bros.) Plot details are being kept quiet, but apparently the basic premise is “Die Hard in a hotel,” which seems like a good vehicle for the stupidly large explosions, and explosions caused stupidly, that have become these guys’ occasional stocks in trade.


[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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