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Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg talked Game Of Thrones and it was delightful

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(Obvious spoiler alert for the whole story below)

So that’s why the whole Snoop Lion thing didn’t last: He didn’t want to be associated with the Lannisters. On the newest episode of his YouTube series GGN Hood News, the rapper periodically known as Snoop Dogg (but here appearing as his online alter ego Nemo Hoes) welcomed his stoner brother from another mother Seth Rogen as his guest. Sitting at a table adorned with official Snoop-brand merchandise, the two lit up a fat blunt of Purple Urkel and proceeded to discuss the issues of the day, specifically what’s happening on Game Of Thrones. Snoop, who says the hit HBO series is “my shit,” offered this priceless, if spoiler-filled, summary: 

“That little midget, they keep sayin’ cuz was in love with a whore, so he fucked around and his father was gonna hook him up but he couldn’t shut his ass up, so now he’s gonna have to fight this big-ass gigantic motherfucker who the Queen got ‘cause they think he killed Joffrey, but he didn’t kill Joffrey. Peter [who Snoop keeps calling ‘Pee-ta’, à la The Hunger Games] killed Joffrey.”


Seth, Snoop, if you’re not doing anything Sunday, The A.V. Club has cable. And snacks. Just putting that out there.

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