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Seth Rogen and Jimmy Kimmel reveal Blockers' even worse international titles

Seth Rogen, Jimmy Kimmel
Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Seth Rogen, current cinema’s endearingly stoned labrador retriever, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday to promote a couple of projects and drop another anecdote about getting high in front of famous people. (In this case, a disapproving Steven Spielberg, who—to be fair—walked up to chat with Rogen at an Oscar party right after Rogen had lit up a joint.) On the eve of the premiere of Rogen’s Netflix special Hilarity For Charity, Rogen told host Kimmel about the six-year history of the endeavor in support of Alzheimer’s research, complete with another related weed story. (He got high with the University Of Vermont students who helped raise the most money.)

The special—which boasts a roster of Rogen’s comedian pals including Tiffany Haddish, Kumail Nanjiani, Sarah Silverman, Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Ike Barinholtz, Jeff Goldblum, and Rick And Morty co-creator Justin Roiland, among others—hit the streaming service just as Rogen’s pre-taped appearance was airing, although Rogen played right into his public persona by claiming to forget what day it was.

Kimmel called out mogul Rogen for giving lazy stoners a bad name, however, noting that, in addition to Hilarity For Charity, Friday also marks the nationwide premiere of the Rogen-produced Blockers. Or Cock Blockers, as Rogen kept calling it, in defiance of the studio’s oh-so-clever poster design, whose “picture of a chicken + Blockers” censor-dodging isn’t fooling anyone. Offhandedly calling the film Cock Blockers throughout his judiciously bleeped appearance, Rogen expressed delight that the film—title shenanigans notwithstanding—is, so far, one of the best reviewed movies he’s ever been associated with. Still, it could be worse, as he and Kimmel introduced a bit where they toured the globe for the most tortuous translation of the admittedly un-translatable movie title, finding everything from the unintentionally creepy (France’s Parental Consent), to the comically literal (Thailand’s Block Sex Happening On Prom Night), to the evocatively bananas. (Thank you, Taiwan, for Operation: Chicken Container.)


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