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Seth Meyers went to see Entourage, and Gil Ozeri is watching it nonstop all weekend

The boys are back, boys.

Entourage is out, and all of America is rapt with Vinnie Chase fever. Those who haven’t seen the movie want to know: What kind of hat will Turtle wear? Has Drama’s career turned around? And what’s up with E? Isn’t he kind of boring?

The staff at Late Night With Seth Meyers knows the answers to some of those questions, having sent a staffer, Jeremy Driscoll, to see the movie on the actual Queens Boulevard with actual Entourage fans. The results are pretty funny, with Driscoll discovering, unsurprisingly, that some movies are better than the Entourage movie:


That sad fact is something that Gil Ozeri will find out the hard way later this weekend. Backed and bolstered by Funny Or Die, Ozeri is spending the entire weekend watching every episode of Entourage “in a row, without sleep.” That’s 96 “oh yeah!” episodes, which should take Ozeri and pals Adam Pally and John Gemberling about two days to watch. They’ll also be joined by more than 50 other comedians and guests, including a children’s choir that’ll open the marathon by singing the Entourage theme song. Fortunately for the world, the entire process will be streamed live on Funny Or Die starting today, Friday, June 5, at 3 p.m. pacific. At the conclusion of the marathon, Ozeri will be taken, via limousine, to see the Entourage movie, thus fulfilling every possible goal he or anyone else could have in life. Oh yeah!

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