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Seth Meyers takes Rihanna day drinking, day singing, day [unintelligible]

Seth Meyers, Rihanna
Screenshot: Late Night With Seth Meyers

Booze and late night go together like tequila and hollow chocolate bunnies. Or at least that’s been the experience of Seth Meyers in his reliably amusing series of tandem day drinking Late Night bits. Whether it’s with The Barefoot Contessa, Kelly Clarkson, Retta, or members of his family, Meyers relies on the boozy good sportsmanship of some hopefully entertaining drunks to provide the necessary laughs. Well, on Thursday’s show, Meyers apparently knew he had to up his game with his latest guest, breaking out the pun-based alcoholic prop comedy for his latest drinking buddy, renowned partier Rihanna.

As expected, the megastar singer and entrepreneur was up for whatever, despite the fact that even she was taken aback by Meyers Rihanna-based lyrical alcoholic concoctions. Almond milk, Twinkies, rum balls, far too many cocktail umbrellas, and those Easter bunnies all formed the jokey foundations of beverages like “Under My Rumbrella,” “Diamonds In The Rye,” and “Bitch Better Have My Bunny.” And whoever came up with the labored pun for the champagne-and-snack-cake abomination “We Found Veuve In A Hostess Place” had damned well better been drunk at the time.


Still, Rihanna was down, bemusedly swilling down Meyers’ sugary nonsense drinks (alongside some cleansing tequila shots) throughout. Roleplaying sympathetic bartenders, both took turns offering some sage barroom advice to the other, with Rihanna’s wisdom about a romantic night out that will “blow away” Meyers wife leaving the visibly giggly Meyers reeling in mock outrage. (“This is a network television show!,” Meyers roared at Rihanna’s blunt yet undeniably sound advice.) Things only got sillier from there, with Rihanna finding Meyers’ drunken pickup lines unsurprisingly underwhelming. (Note: Asking “Aren’t you the girl from Battleship?” is a big no-no with RiRi.) After that, it was all about smeary Fenty eye makeovers and Rihanna happily videoing Meyers’ garbled but enthusiastic cover of “Work.” All in all, good work if you can get it, Meyers.

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