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Seth Meyers questioned Kellyanne Conway about Trump’s Russian leaks

(Image: NBC)

Over the last year or so, NBC’s Seth Meyers has distinguished himself from his late night competition—and colleagues—with his aggressively critical stance toward now-President-Elect Donald Trump. So when former Trump campaign manager and current counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway had the minor misfortune to be scheduled on Meyers’ show the same day a new scandal erupted around her boss, Meyers didn’t let the opportunity to question her about it trickle through his fingers.


In the clip, Conway and the Late Night host debated reality on several points, with the number one issue being the recent allegations that the Russian government has been sharing intelligence with Trump about his political enemies for some time, while simultaneously collecting blackmail material in order to wield control over the president-elect. The most salacious of these, according to a memo being circulated by Buzzfeed, are the allegations that Trump hired Russian sex workers to urinate on the bed in a hotel suite frequently used by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, eliciting widespread mockery, and the appearance of the phrase “#GoldenShowers” on Twitter’s list of trending topics.

Given the accusations against Trump, Conway spent much of the interview spinning, quibbling, and deflecting with aplomb, reminding Meyers that many Americans “don’t like politics at all,” and arguing about the information’s sources. Still, the talk show host (who avoided going into any of the story’s less savory details) got off a few decent burns on her—questioning whether Trump is even aware of the material presented in his intelligence briefings, for instance—a bit of point scoring that presumably left Conway and the Trump camp feeling pretty pissed.

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