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Seth Meyers blames himself for Trump’s presidency

Screenshot: The Tonight Show/YouTube

It’s now been three months since less than half of the voting public elected Donald Trump president, and everyone’s still trying to pinpoint exactly how we got here. Was it NBC’s tolerance, or the media’s bemused yet uninterrupted coverage of his campaign? Or was it Jimmy Fallon’s fault for treating Trump more like a scamp than a bigot when he was on The Tonight Show? If you’re reluctant to assign blame to a comedian turned late-night host—especially when, again, there were millions of people who voted for Trump—you’re not the only one. Seth Meyers doesn’t think Fallon had a hair-ruffling hand in bringing Trump to power. That blame goes to Meyers.

The Late Night host believes he’s responsible for planting the thought in Trump’s fluffy, flaxen head, citing his appearance at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner as proof. That’s a whole two years before Last Week Tonight host John Oliver claims he first cracked wise about Trump’s White House aspirations, so maybe Meyers is right.

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