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Jones in a Game Of Thrones sketch on SNL (Photo: Dana Edelson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Anyone who follows Saturday Night Live’s Leslie Jones on Twitter knows what a massive Game Of Thrones fan she is. Jones live-tweets the show every Sunday, and delivers some of the wittiest, most off-the-wall insights into about how, for instance, Lady Olenna Tyrell is Thrones’ “real gangster,” and that the dire wolves are, in fact, “big ass” dogs.

Unfortunately, Jones was too sick this past weekend to live-tweet the show. She’s since made up for it, though, by appearing on Seth Meyers’ show for another installment of “Game Of Jones,” a segment in which the pair watch the show together.

As you’ll see in the clip above, Jones’ intense, fiery love for Thrones is real. She’s even figured out where she’d want her castle—Compton—and what she’d call it—Compton Castle. Meyers still manages to get in a few barbs though, as does special surprise guest Conleth Hill, who drops in about halfway through in full Varys garb. It’s most interesting to watch Jones and Hill interact, as Hill tries to correct Jones’ pronunciation of “Theon,” while Jones seems somehow unaware that Hill is, in fact, not Varys in real life. As Jones tells Hill, “You can’t trust your ass. You know shit that you’re not telling everybody.”


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