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Seth Meyers agrees to be on TV for at least another five years

Seth Meyers will continue to sit behind that big desk on stage for at least another five years, as Deadline reports that Meyers has extended his Late Night contract with NBC through February 2021. That’s good news for viewers who have enjoyed seeing Meyers return to a seated position from which to lob questions at celebrities, as well as occasionally stand to prepare meals with his family. Meyers, who’s about two years into his Late Night gig, thanked NBC for its continued support, joking that the contract extension takes some of the sting out of “not getting cast in The Wiz [Live!].” The network is similarly thrilled, according to NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt. Meyers’ “unparalleled” knowledge of current events and pop culture means the late-night show “couldn’t be in better hands,” Greenblatt told Deadline. Additionally, Meyers will host a New Year’s Eve special in late 2016 to highlight all the news and events from the previous year, which will probably mean watching this again.


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