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Seth MacFarlane will guest star on The Simpsons

The playful rivalry that sort-of-exists between The Simpsons and Family Guy may finally come to the peaceful end that it never really needed in the first place, now that Seth MacFarlane has booked a guest spot on The Simpsons. According to Entertainment Weekly, MacFarlane will at last address the fact that there remains a half-hour of Fox's Sunday night that does not feature his dulcet baritone, dropping by The Simpsons to voice a charming stranger who woos Marge over a dating website, thus causing The Simpsons' landmark 300th threat to Homer and Marge's marriage. "But does Seth MacFarlane get to sing?" asks everyone who worries about the number of opportunities afforded to Seth MacFarlane to sing an old-fashioned, big band-style number, which is to say everyone. "MacFarlane croons 'The Way You Look Tonight' in the episode," EW reports, so we're good. We're good, everyone.


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