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Seth MacFarlane to continue celebration of America's many stereotypes with new Fox cartoon

Realizing the burden of fostering an open dialogue on race should not be shouldered entirely by Dads, Fox has ordered another animated series from Seth MacFarlane, about “the undergoing cultural shift in America” that forms our country’s diverse melting pot of cartoon stereotypes. In this case, mostly Mexican ones: Bordertown, created by Family Guy writer Mark Hentemann, takes place in a fictitious desert town along the U.S.-Mexico divide, where an old-fashioned Border Patrol agent and family man named Bud Buckwald laments the changes in his neighborhood while clashing with his hard-working Mexican immigrant neighbor, Ernesto Gonzales. As their paths cross and families become intertwined, Bud and Ernesto will forge a tense, occasionally combative relationship reminiscent not only of King Of The Hill’s Hank Hill and Kahn Souphanousinphone, but of our country’s own ongoing dialogue about immigration (i.e. interrupted every 30 seconds by pointless tangents, and ultimately not resolving anything). Presumably the show will also slip in some more intelligent, reasoned opinions from one of its characters, like maybe a talking goat.


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