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Seth MacFarlane may also be making a Western comedy

Remember the time that Seth MacFarlane established himself as a feature film director who was actually capable of bringing in more than $500 million in global box office? Ted financiers Media Rights Capital do, which is why they're eagerly backing another movie from MacFarlane and that film's co-writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild titled A Million Ways To Die In The West, a "Blazing Saddles-style" comedy that MacFarlane is planning to direct and star in—presumably as a human, though it's probably too early to rule out talking horses or a wisecracking dysenteric intestine. MacFarlane is shooting for a summer 2013 release date, meaning if he hurries he could beat Adam Sandler to the punch with his own spoof Western project, which similarly promises to mix old-fashioned genre tropes with "contemporary humor, with one undercurrent being just how dangerous and painful life really was in the late 1800s." For instance, the painful lack of any 1980s sitcoms to talk about, and the fact that it was decades before the birth of Conway Twitty.


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