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Seth MacFarlane casts Amanda Seyfried as his girlfriend, because that's what you can do when you're the director

Having already decided to cast himself as the star in his “Blazing Saddles-style” comedy A Million Ways To Die In The West, Seth MacFarlane has taken the natural next step and cast Amanda Seyfried as his girlfriend, because that’s the sort of thing you can do when it’s your movie. (Though, as you’ll find out if you attempt this, it also helps when you’ve already made a successful movie.) According to The Hollywood Reporter, Seyfried is in talks to play the woman who leaves MacFarlane’s cowardly farmer after he backs down from a fight, leading him on a quest to prove his manhood by learning how to sling a gun and an anachronistic pop culture joke or twenty. Charlize Theron is also on board, playing the wife of an outlaw who teaches him everything he needs to know “and then maybe they make out for a little bit,” the script presumably says. Also, everywhere he goes, people will torture MacFarlane’s character by forcing him to sing old-timey big band numbers, and all the horses will actually be massage chairs. Seriously, you should become a successful movie director. It seems like a pretty good gig.


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