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Seth MacFarlane and Brannon Braga bringing Clive Barker's Books Of Blood to Hulu

Okay, now imagine this, but in book form
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Blood: It’s that good red stuff that vampires crave. (Phlebotomists, too.) Few horror authors of the modern generation have had a longer love affair with the Good Red Stuff and its attendant hemoglobins and plasmas than Clive Barker, who made his name on a series of sanguine short story anthologies titled Books Of Blood. Now that series is coming to streaming land, courtesy of long-time Star Trek producer Brannon Braga and his old Orville pal, Seth MacFarlane.

Per Variety, Braga is set to adapt the Books for Hulu, executive producing the film alongside MacFarlane’s Fuzzy Door, plus Adam Simon, with whom he also created the equally witchy WGN series Salem. The movie will star Anna Friel as Mary, a “brilliant, beautiful psychologist” who brilliantly and beautifully falls into the orbit of a self-described “ghost whisperer” (Rafi Gavron), who says he can talk to her dead kid. (The names, at least, are lifted from the framing story for the original Books Of Blood.) The show will also star Britt Robertson as a young woman with an abhorrence for sound, and Yul Vazquez as a thief searching for a mysterious book, possibly of blood. (Who can say?) 


Books Of Blood has been adapted in bits and pieces many times over the years; Candyman, Midnight Meat Train, Lord Of Illusion, and a film version of Books Of Blood itself have all been hewn from its carcass. This new version is being done as a film, and is aimed at a 2020 release at the streaming service. 

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