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Seth Green will also star in Seth MacFarlane's live-action TV show

Dads, Seth MacFarlane’s foray into live-action sitcoms and owning yet another half-hour of Fox real estate, won’t just have the familiar comedic voice of Family Guy writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild. It’ll also have the familiar actual voice of Seth Green, who’s just joined the cast as one of two successful, thirtysomething video game designers whose lives become less about successful thirtysomething things after their dads move in with them. The move will allow Green and MacFarlane to continue their ongoing discussion about how they're both named "Seth," which has really taken a fascinating turn lately. Green will play the man-child half of a business partnership with Tommy Dewey (The Mindy Project), with Peter Reigert and Martin Mull on board to play their respective fathers—both of whom decide simultaneously they should be roommates with their sons, otherwise there wouldn’t be a sitcom. All those actors will, presumably, have their voices overdubbed with Seth MacFarlane's.


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